Abbeyfield Concept

Welcome to Abbeyfield

Abbeyfield Homes was established in England in the mid 1950s to provide affordable accommodation for active pensioners who no longer want to live alone. Abbeyfield societies are now located in more than 16 countries around the world. Casas Cariñosas A.C. was established in Ajijic, Mexico, in 2006 and operates as the first Abbeyfield Home in Latin America.

Casas Cariñosas A.C, is a not-for-profit legal Mexican organization which owns the Abbeyfield-Ajijic home. Each resident pays a monthly fee covering the costs of their room, utilities and food, as well as the salaries for the House Manager, maids and gardener.

Abbeyfield offers a warm, family-style environment with a balance between privacy and companionship and security and independence, combined with the sensitivity and understanding of the resident House Manager and a team of dedicated volunteers.

The Home includes two small style hotel rooms, 2 medium size rooms with walk in closet, and five modern 1 bed-room casitas (small houses).  The nine residents share a large well-equipped kitchen and dining room, a comfortable salon with TV, satellite and DVD, a lap pool in the front garden, and a hacienda-style L-shaped terrace with beautiful views across Lake Chapala to the Sierra Madre mountains.

Because of its location in the heart of the village, residents can easily walk to shops, restaurants and local clubs and organizations.