Additional Facts

Abbeyfield-Ajijic is open to all persons regardless of race, language, gender and religious beliefs.

Abbeyfield-Ajijic is not a nursing home.  If a resident becomes too frail, he or she may be advised to move to a home that offers more complete care.

Special dietary needs are difficult to manage for evening meals. Particular foods may be purchased for breakfasts, upon consultation with the House Manager.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.

All of our one year leases offer a 90 day penalty free move out clause in case Abbeyfield does not suit your needs.

The Home offers maid service at the resident’s cost; free laundry facilities are available on a rotation basis.

A house dog is on the premises. Separate pets are not permitted.

Casas Cariñosas A.C. is a registered charity, supported by local volunteers.